How to Become a Travel Instagram Influencer: Top Secrets for Success

By Mona Lavare posted May 18, 2021 02:44 AM


Travel instagram accounts have motivated people worldwide to set out on adventures and explore new places.

To assist you to get started, we’ll share some inside tips from top travel influencers so you, too, can win a living while working with fun brands and exploring the world! Read on to discover tips to begin your own travel Instagram account with a splash.

Start with a Smart Username

Don’t get too fancy here. Avoid practicing confusing symbols or spellings in your username. We recommend either use your real name or a travel-inspired moniker.

Whatever username you choose, keep it short and sweet. And if you’re on other social media websites or have a blog or site, be sure your username is consistent throughout your company touchpoints. Users will jump from your Instagram to your company blog to your Facebook group and back again, so consistency is key.

If you can get your username or brand memorable and “ownable,” that is great.

Find Your Focus. Your Voice

You aren’t the world’s first voyage Instagram influencer, but don’t let that intimidate you. There are plenty of ideas to stand out in your niche, no matter how oversaturated it seems.

What does you unlike any other travel Instagram influencer is, well…you. You have your own opinion, your own nature, your own likes and dislikes.

Be you.

Better yet, if you have hobbies outside of travel, cross-pollinate your desires to make your Instagram account genuinely unique. 

Find your loves, join them and, above all else, buy instagram likes for your account and be authentic.

Study to Take Good Photos

Since Instagram is a visual platform, good photos are necessary. You probably have the excellent camera in your hand already – on your phone. Instead, why not spend significantly less on an photography course? Or better yet, hit up YouTube for some free tips.

One point you’ll notice about a lot of successful travel Instagrammers is that they have a solid aesthetic – in other words, their Instagram has a theme that makes their feed look wonderfully coordinated.

A theme isn’t needed, but if you want one, begin figuring out what sort of aesthetic you’re going for. Earthy and neutral? Bright and minimal?

Start investigating the best editing apps such as Lightroom, VSCO and Snapseed. Examine them all out until you find the one that goes best for you. If you find yourself trying to design filters and presets you love or a consistent feed.

Everyone understands how crucial it is to use great quality photographs on a travel Instagram account. The old adage ‘a image is worth a thousand words’ has never been tmore accurate. But, these days, with so many travel Instagram accounts it is more powerful than ever you post authentic photos. Followers need to be inspired to travel to the place that you are sharing.

No matter how much or how little you edit your photos, learn that authenticity is key. The bulk of your time should be spent finding and telling stories and communicating with your audience.

Engage Your Audience!

Engagement makes you appear friendly and authentic. When you aren’t producing stories or telling stories, take time out of your day—every day—to communicate with your audience. For the fresh account you can buy instagram comments.

Reply to comments and DMs. Ask your audience questions. But, don’t be a “askhole: a character who asks for advice, yet always does the reverse of what they were told.” Involve your audience and let them participate. For example, you could use the Q&A feature on Instagram to ask your audience where you should travel next.

Use Relevant Travel Hashtags

This point may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at the mistakes even veterans make.

1000 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day, most of them practicing hashtags, and that number is traditional. So choose your hashtags wisely. Find an excellent medium with hashtags that are successful enough that people are actually searching for them, but not so famous that your photo quickly gets pushed down by other posts.

#travel is No. 1, but that means millions of people are managing that hashtag. You won’t stand out. You may get noticed by a few people via that hashtag, but the possibilities of really growing your followers through #travel are slim.

So study other travel-related hashtags. Check out the hashtags Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler use. Piggyback their hashtags to grab their eyeballs. Some organizations such as Atalanta create branded hashtags (#atalantaworld) that travel Instagram accounts can use for the chance to get highlighted on their Instagram. Talk about a fresh way to grow your audience fast.

#blogtravel, #culturetrip, #travelwriter are all collecting thousands of followers, while at the same time interesting to a narrower audience. 

Instagram enables users to search by location, so when they search for places you’ve visited, BOOM – they find you.

Activity-specific publications help too. And regional-specific hashtags. The better you define the content, the more probable you are to receive the perfect set of eyeballs. You could even tag restaurants, hotels and businesses you visit on your journey. Who knows – they may pay you to come back!

Our final word of advice: create your very own travel-related hashtag. Make one that is specific to you – one that defines you and helps your followers find you. Then, use that hashtag consistently so your followers come to expect it. They may even start using it, thus leading their followers back to you.

Use Instagram Stories + Instagram Live

You have many instruments at your disposal. The trick is to increase your brand as efficiently – and cost-effectively – as probable without getting lost in the crowd.

Instagram stories allow you to post more content without confusing your audience’s feed. You can even use polls and Q&As within Instagram Stories.

Another cool IG point? Instagram Live.

Instagram Live lets your viewers follow your adventures as they happen. Instead of posting a blurry photo of the inside of a dark pharaoh’s tomb, you can livestream it! It doesn’t get much more real – or mesmerizing – than live-streaming. Your audience gets to see you at your most authentic and exciting and communicate with you in real-time via comments.

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