Remodeling Your Garage as a Mini Sports Bar

By Gary Jarmon posted May 18, 2021 02:06 PM


Having a mini sports bar is the best feature for any traditional man cave and if you have some space in your garage, why not just do it. If you don’t use it often, probably because of having a carport outside or downsizing your number of cars, this could be a great idea to utilize the space. 

The mini sports bar can be the prime spot to hang out and watch games while catching a few beers with friends. How can you make this dream a reality? Here is how to remodel your garage as a mini sports bar.

Make some space for a large plasma

A flat-screen plasma TV is an essential piece in completing a mini sports bar. Because what is a sports bar if you can’t watch some games on a large screen? If you bet online, you can keep score with your friends to see which team is winning. 

This means much more than just hanging a flat-screen TV on the wall. You need to position it appropriately and put some cladding as a backdrop. Also, decide on whether the TV will be mounted or placed on top of a television stand.

Build a liquor bar

Another important feature of a mini sports bar is having some liquor on standby to let the good times roll. As a result, it could be a wise idea to build a liquor bar where you and your friends can relax and recreate the feeling of a pub. 

Have a bar table, some high stools, and a liquor cabinet as well as a fridge stocked with the good stuff. If you want a more relaxed vibe, consider getting some kegs that will stay on the countertop for a refill whenever needed.

Add some custom design ceiling

Your garage is most probably not that visually appealing on the ceiling because this is not a space you pay much attention to. Since you do not live or chill in the garage, most likely, there is a basic ceiling, if there is some at all. To make the space more appealing, add some custom ceilings with spotlights of LED strip lighting. 

You can choose the design and lighting according to preference and the vibe you’re looking for. This can be done DIY or professional contractors could be hired for the job depending on the complexity of the preferred design.

Wire up some proper sound equipment

A feature that is mostly forgotten is getting some quality sound system that is audible and rich it plays music or television. There are various systems that you can run, such as a home theater or so forth. However, if you want to rise above the basic systems, consider getting ceiling speakers that do not take up any space. 

Wire it up properly and set it up for the environment you are working on. Ensure that the sound effects are programmed appropriately for both watching television as well as playing music. You should mount these speakers as you’re working on the ceiling.

Make some room for table games

Table games are the cherry on top of a mini sports bar. Make some space and consider hanging some extra lighting specifically for each table game you have. There are different games you can use, such as pool or table soccer. 

If you would like to go adventurous, getting a ping pong table or an air hockey game could add a great vibe to the room. Preferably make some room for other games such as darts, which adds a great visual appeal and vibe to the room.